Plant seller returns to bihar during monsoon

In metro cities, many of the plant sellers are from Bihar or surrounding areas.
They selling plants in different localities, coming thrice a week to the area.
It is convenient for plant buyers since they can inspect the plant they wish to purchase before making payment. It is also easier to carry the purchased plant to the home.
One of the more popular plant sellers was selling plants at a cheap rate, some plants were sold for Rs 30-40
However, in the last few weeks, the plant seller is not spotted at his usual location.
Another street vendor confirmed that the plant seller had gone back to his home town, so more effort will be required for finding a new plant seller

Zinnia plants suddenly die after the monsoons start

This year the monsoons were delayed.
While usually plants are growing very well in the monsoons, it appears that they adversely affected the growth of zinnia plants
The reviewer had two zinnia plants one having light pink flowers, and the other had orange flowers.
Both the plants died after the monsoon started.
The reason why the plants started wilting and died remains a mystery.

Adenium, desert rose plants flourish with less water

Adenium plant priced at Rs 750
The adenium or desert rose plant is one of the easiest plants to grow, especially if a person has a terrace
It looks like a bonsai plant and will survive even if it is not watered daily.
The plant has flowers of different colors especially pink
When in goa, the domain investor had purchased three plants from nursery live.
Due to dengue related harassment all the plants died.
Now the domain investor does not have the space to grow the adenium plant
A large plant is very expensive, costing Rs 750

Gardenia has fragrant flowers

Gardenia is one of the easiest plants to grow. It has very fragrant flowers which bloom for a few days.
The flowers are usually white in color, though some variants in other colors are present.
The plant can be easily propagated, using a branch.
The domain investor had a large plant in goa.
However, due to the dengue related harassment, all the plants in goa were systematically destroyed

Tomato plants grow on roadside

Though some people find it difficult to grow tomato plants, it is often easier to grow tomato plants than other plants.
In small towns there are many tomato plants growing on the footpaths and drains, especially near hotels
While other vegetable plants do not grow on the footpaths, or roadside, domain plants can be found.
The plants have hair on their stem, so they less likely to be eaten by other animals
If tomatoes purchased for eating get spoiled, they can put in a pot or growbag.
If the dried tomato is watered daily, some plants will grow.

Malabar melastome with violet flowers is difficult to grow

Malabar melastome has attractive purple flowers
The malabar melastome has attractive purple flowers
The domain investor had purchase a plant in panaji, goa and kept it on the terrace.
Since she was not at home, she did not know what happened to the plant and it died after some time.
Now she has a small plant and is observing whether flowers will bloom
The plant died after a few days
The plants are expensive costing Rs 100 or more

Tissue culture Aquatic Plants

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Gerbera plant does not grow well in hot weather

Gerbera flowers are used for floral decor, since they last for a long time.
However, they are mainly suitable for the temperate regions, in tropical weather, they will wilt quickly, especially during summer.
The problem is severe if they are supplied in a grow bag, and the grow bag has large holes.
The plant has large leaves.
First the leaves of the gerbera plant will wilt and then the entire plant

Zephranthes lily plants grow quickly, may not blossom

It is always advisable to purchase lily plants because their bulb can be easily preserved and used to grow plants for several years.
Zephranthes lily plants are some of most commonly grown lilies in india
These lillies are also the cheapest lillies available.
Though white and pink are the most common colors, there are other colors also available.
Soon after it rains the leaves of the lily will start growing
In the first few years, the domain investor had plenty of flowers, in the last few years in goa, there were no flowers at all.

Wedellia is one of easiest plants to grow

In coastal tropical areas, wedellia plants are the easiest to grow, they grow even in sandy soil
In some cases the plants will also grow on concrete area before the patio.
The plants only have to watered regularly, they have yellow flowers.
The wedellia plant will grow rapidly and is recommended for those who do not much time to devote to gardening
One hotel was earlier using moss rose, they replaced all the moss rose plants with wedelia