Using fake dengue allegations all plants are systematically destroyed

In small towns, people have larger homes, and they often grow some plants on the ground floor, especially if they have not installed tiles.
yet in a major problem which few gardeners are discussing, fake dengue allegations are used to kill all the plants on the ground floor.
Some home owners do not live in their home, and also leave the gate of their home open, so that the postman or newspaper delivery person can deliver the items to the house porch
Yet the local politician is abusing his power to get all the plants systematically destroyed
Sometimes after cutting all the plants, they are leaving the cut branches and leaves in the compound, making it difficult to reach the house door
In other cases, the home owner visits the house and finds that all the plants, especially expensive plants have disappeared
the maidservants working in the area inform the home owner that the local politicians and hostile neighbours have got the plants destroyed after make fake dengue allegations when the home owner was away. They do not even have the courtesy to inform the home owner that they wish to kill the plants.